Pulmonary Fibrosis Can Not

Pulmonary Fibrosis Cannot Take Away From Me:

  • Enjoying my prayer time with the Lord
  • Enjoying praying for those who need prayer
  • Enjoying seeing and loving on my children and grandchildren (no matter their age)
  • Enjoying a sunrise or sunset; or a day with a blue sky and white billowy clouds
  • Enjoying the smell of clean air
  • Enjoying rain that nourishes the earth
  • Enjoying a funny story
  • Enjoying great music… no matter what genre
  • Enjoying talking with my friends
  • Enjoying the beauty of a night time sky with thousands of twinkling stars
  • Enjoying the beauty of flowers
  • Enjoying seeing a butterfly go from one flower to another or a hummingbird do the same
  • Enjoying my dog who loves me unconditionally
  • Enjoying a rainbow
  • Enjoying a funny movie
  • Enjoying a ride in the park
  • Enjoying a walk if I can
  • Enjoying a spring day when the weather changes from winter to warmer weather

These are just a few things I can enjoy. I refuse to let Pulmonary Fibrosis define who I am or what I can enjoy. I will find, and you can too, one thing each day to enjoy and be thankful for. This means that I will have 7 things each week, 28 things each month, and 336 things each year to enjoy and be thankful for. We can all have more if we want. 😊